Fred Hussey

Committed to Understanding You

Too often when people think of real estate agents, they see them as simply facilitators of selling or buying a home. Their value is often questioned. As I see it, the selling or buying event should be the outcome of a much broader business relationship between the agent and a client.

There are two types of clients that I work with.

First, there are those who are ready to buy or sell and need a qualified Realtor to facilitate the process effectively with integrity.  If that is you, I have a plan and team of people ready to support you.

Secondly, are people who are toying with the idea of buying or selling a home. You may be first time home buyers. You may be planning for a home that better suits the arrival of children, moving to a favourite neighbourhood, downsizing now that the children have moved on, or dealing with the relocation or loss of an elderly parent and selling the family home. All of these situations are significant life events, which have significant financial, emotional and practical impacts on our lives.

For these people, my suggestion is that we start working together today! Let's have a cup of coffee and talk about what real estate transactions lie in your future. 

By working with you in advance, even months before the actual event takes place, we get to know each other and ensure we are on the same page, saving time, money and emotion.

Either way, if you're ready to jump in to the market or are just mulling over the idea of  buying or selling, contact me and allow me to share my insights with you.  Just call me at (416) 522-5222 or email me at and we'll get things moving forward.